Reiki is a Japanese word which means Universal Life Energy. We are born with this Life Energy. It is a cosmic energy. We are alive as long as this energy is flowing through every cell of our body. Like all other energies we cannot see it or touch it.

This energy is available in abundance in the universe for every body’s use.

Only an initiated person can harness and utilize Reiki energy for his own use as well as for the use of others. Like many other phenomena, Reiki is yet to be scientifically explained, though its effects are very well established.

Reiki as per Oxford Medical Dictionary:

“Reiki is a complementary therapy based on ancient healing system rediscovered in the twentieth century by a Buddhist Monk. It involves a therapist putting his or her hands on or very close to a patient to boost the patient’s natural invisible energy fields. (Reiki means universal life force). It is often used as an adjunct to other therapies and is said to be helpful for many conditions.”

Analysis of the above definition reveals the following:

  1. Reiki means Universal Life Force.
  2. It is a complementary therapy based on ancient healing system.
  3. The therapist boosts the patient’s natural invisible energy fields.
  4. The therapist places his or her hands on the patient’s body.
  5. The therapist can also treat the patient from a distance by visualizing him
  6. It is used as an adjunct to other therapies.
  7. Reiki is also helpful in many other conditions.

These other conditions may be summarized as under:

  • Improving relationship between two persons.
  • Improving one’s financial status.
  • Achieving desired objectives.
  • Securing favorable results for any event in past, present or future.
  • Protecting one’s valuables.
  • Enjoying safe journey.
  • Overcoming any hurdles.
  • Improving memory of self and others.


  1. I got detailed information about Reiki after going through your web sight. When I failed to get proper response in the treatment of my wife who was injured in a bath room slip accident and damaged her right leg and was unable to move or stand on her legs,I was reminded of Mr. K.N.Agarwal whose web sight had provided me valuable information on Reiki and its advanges in cases like this. I contacted Mr. Agarwal on phone and after knowing the total history of my wife’s case, he provided Reiki treatment to my wife and I was surprised to see the result of this treatment and fast recovery in her case. It has convinced me about its usefulness and effectiveness. Thank you Mr. Agarwal for your this above self service to Humanity in general and for those who arebenefitting from your service. – Rtn. Dinesh Chandra Mital Past President Rotary Club Main, Muzaffar Nagar, U.P. India


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