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Medical science has advanced in leaps and bounds. Lots of man power, money and material are being spent to produce lifesaving drugs to help mankind. Isn’t it a fact that wonder drugs of today are being banned the next day because of their adverse side effects? Fresh new formulations appear with tall claims that are abandoned soon thereafter.

 I think it is high time to address following questions:

  1. Should we keep going round and round without a solid solution?
  2. Why can’t we produce medicines that have no side effects?
  3. Why can’t we relieve stress and strain – the biggest challenge of the day, with medicines which do not affect the patients’ health adversely?
  4. Why don’t we have a preventive medicine for every day common diseases?

 Many people have started looking for alternative therapies. REIKI is one of the most promising alternative therapy.  The beauty of this therapy lies in its simplicity and the fact that nothing is administered from outside that can cause side effect. It is claimed that Reiki heals our mind, body & soul as a whole due to its holistic nature. Moreover it helps in treating self as well as others.

 In my opinion everyone must learn Reiki. My statement may appear strong and many may contest against it, yet it is the truth.

  1. Reiki is a cosmic energy. It does not belong to any person or any country.
  2. Reiki is neither a religion nor a belief. It stands firmly on INTENT only.
  3. Reiki can do no harm and can only be used for wellness of every one.
  4. Reiki boosts our internal energy and hence can have no side effects.
  5. Reiki is the best first aid tool. Our hands and firm intent are good enough.
  6. Reiki enhances our memory so best suited for school & college curriculum.
  7. Reiki relieves stress & strain, so every corporate house must adopt it.
  8. Reiki is very good for pain management & may find its due place in hospitals.
  9. Reiki helps in treating mind, body & soul, hence improves mental health also.
  10. Reiki must become a compulsory part of military training. It would help them when in need particularly when they are in battle fields.

 Reiki surely needs deep scientific study for everyone to accept it as a natural therapy.


          Your considered opinions are highly solicited.



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