Practicing Reiki

After learning Reiki many a times we are clueless as to how to start practicing Reiki. Typically   we want to focus on our problem and our hands automatically want to rush towards the problem site. My personal approach in treating myself or others with Reiki is a 3 step process

Step 1. First treat the Solar plexus.
Our body needs energy which we get from the food that we eat. This food goes to our stomach where it is digested and produces energy for the whole body. So in my opinion the Reiki Energy must also be fed into the stomach first from where it will reach wherever it is needed most. So my priority goes to treat the SOLAR PLEXUS first. I believe that the Reiki Energy will also reach every nook and corner of our body in the same manner as the energy from food does.

Step 2. Next treat the affected parts.
Now treat the problem areas one by one making sure to give sufficient time on each part as required. Rely confidently on your intuition in deciding the body parts and the duration of treatment on those parts.

1. Females undergo cyclical hormonal changes, so their womb and ovaries also need to be addressed as and when necessary for faster results.
2. Better results are noticed if third eye chakra and the affected body part are simultaneously treated. In diabetic patients I generally place my left hand on third eye chakra and the right hand on the pancreas while imparting Reiki. This produced faster response when compared to the treatment with both hands on pancreas only.
3. Wherever I find that stem cells are helpful in treatment, I place my left hand on the navel and right hand on the affected body part, particularly  for heart patients it has shown very promising results.

Step 3. Lastly treat the kidneys.
We need to flush out the wastes from our body at regular intervals. Similarly I consider equally important to flush out all toxins at the end of the treatment. This is best done by treating the kidneys at the end of the treatment


Well Built Affirmation for Reiki treatments

When someone approaches a Reiki healer with some issues and requests for Reiki treatment the Reiki healer first analyzes the situation. They first try to recall if they have treated anyone in the past with similar issues if not then they try to come up with a treatment plan.
The first thing the Reiki healer does is to build a well thought affirmation, which must be precise and cover all aspects of the issues for producing best results and then Visualize perfectly the desired results
Notes for Well Built Affirmation:-
– All such affirmations need to be formulated positively. Avoid no’s and don’ts while formulating affirmations.
– Our sub conscious reacts strongly to repetitions. So use simple and comfortable words for wellbeing.
– All affirmations are to be phrased in our own words, preferably in our native language.
– Work only on one affirmation at a time. Give sufficient gap before focusing on the next affirmation for successful Reiki treatment.


Emotional Healing Through Reiki Treatment

Reiki also helps in improving relations and removing discord between good old friends by treating the third Eye chakra, Solar plexus chakra and Heart chakra of both the persons simultaneously.

1 – The three symbols at heart chakra of both person – Draw once and utter the name of the symbols 3 times, visualize white light entering their heart chakra and both are hugging each other.

2 – Emotional symbol and power symbol at their solar plexus – draw once and utter the name of the symbols 3 time, visualizing white light entering their solar plexus. Keep repeating the name of the power symbol and visualizing that their solar plexus is getting filled with Reiki energy, making both of them strong enough to resolve their differences. Stay long enough till the Reiki flow becomes feeble.

3 – Emotional and power symbol at their third eye – draw once and utter utter the name of the symbols 3 times, visualizing white light entering their third eye chakra. Keep repeating the name of the power symbol, emotional symbol, power symbols as a set again and again visualizing that both are emotionally attached again.