Reiki cannot be learned merely by reading or listening about it.  Person desiring to work with Reiki has to be attuned first by a Reiki Master. Only a trained master can initiate him into the Reiki system. The master activates the energy centers of his student which enable him to work with this Universal Life Force.
There are three levels of attunement. They are:
Level 1 – This is the basic level. Four attunements are carried out by the master. At this level the student is taught all hands-on positions for treatment.
Level 2 – This is an advanced level. One attunement is carried out by the master. This level enables the student to perform Reiki from a distance also.
Level 3a – This is called the masters level. One attunement is carried out by the master. This level enhances the student’s power to heal faster.
Reiki Teacher Level – After level 3a the student can opt to become a Reiki teacher. For this he has to stay with the master and observe the attunement procedure and get familiar with the intricacies of the attunement process.

Effects of Reiki attunement.

● Attunement heals body, mind & spirit.
● It balances chakras & internal energy.
● It enhances our personal growth.
● It expands our creative power.
● It develops our positive attitude.
● It increases our body energy.
● It works on causes.
● It releases stress from our body.

Note A person once attuned remains attuned throughout his life.


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