Reiki History

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Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk, became curious as to how Lord Christ and Lord Buddha could cure a patient merely by touch. His desire to learn secrets of healing by touch was so intense that he travelled far and wide and even studied Sanskrit language which ultimately helped him to gather the knowledge of healing by touch. Merely reading did not prove to be enough. He had to meditate and observe fast for 21 days before attaining the power to heal by touch. Dr. Usui called this healing system – Reiki which, in Japanese language means universal life force.

After attaining this power he voluntarily healed several people in the beggar’s camp so that they could become self-sufficient and earn their own living. After some time he found that few of them returned back to the camp. On enquiry he came to know that they did not want to work hard for earning their livelihood. Dr. Usui then realized that since those beggars were healed without paying any compensation they did not appreciate the benefits of being healed.

Dr. Usui then propounded two rules.

  1. Reiki shall be given only on asking.
  2. Reiki treatment should be given on payment basis.

Dr. Usui started his clinic and also taught Reiki to several people.  One of his student was a retired naval officer named Dr. Chujiro Hayashi. After learning Reiki Dr. Hayashi started his own clinic in Tokyo. One day a young lady named Hawayo Takata visited Dr. Hayashi’s clinic for treatment of a tumor. It took some time to get the tumor cured without any operation.

Mrs. Takata was a resident of Hawaii, USA. She was on a visit to Japan when she received the treatment. Seeing the wonders of Reiki she stayed behind to learn the art of healing through Reiki. After returning to Hawaii Mrs. Takata started her own clinic. She became a powerful healer and a Reiki teacher. She initiated 22 Reiki Masters. Those 22 Reiki Masters spread Reiki system of healing throughout the world.


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