Reiki Experiences


I have been practicing Reiki since April of 1998. Out of the several hundreds of Reiki treatments that I have given over this period very few are being reported here as examples only. Keeping in view the privacy of the patients the names are withheld.

  • In Dec. 1998 a software engineer approached me with scratches over his left arm complaining about lots of pain. He had been hit by a motorcycle. After 15 minutes of Reiki session he was relieved of the pain. He continued with Reiki sessions for another 4 days to become fit and fine.
  • In Jan. 1999 a gentleman came to me with a photo of his wife complaining that she was vomiting whatever she ate. During distant Reiki session I felt that she was fit and fine because I felt no energy flow. So I advised the gentleman to take her to a gynecologist. The doctor confirmed that the patient felt nausea because she was pregnant.
  • In June 1999 a student with pimples all over his face approached me for help. It took three weeks of regular Reiki sessions for clearing all of his pimples.
  • In Dec. 1999 a patient suffering from depression approached me for help. At that time he was on anti-depression medication. He had been taking the medicines for over four months. He appeared to be very weak. I advised him to continue his medication along with Reiki treatment. After a week he himself stopped taking his anti-depression medication and continued taking Reiki for another two weeks to recover fully.
  • In Dec. 1999 a young man who had met an accident while driving his motor bike came limping with severe pain in his left thigh. After a 20 minutes Reiki session he exclaimed, what a wonder? He then walked away normally.
  • In July 2006 I saw something falling on the shoulder of one of my factory workers. Immediately I covered his shoulder with my palm. After 30 minutes of Reiki session I removed my hand. The worker said that he was fit and fine. During Reiki session I could feel a lump rising first and then subsiding.
  • In June 2009 a retired Lt. Coln. Who had already under gone heart bypass surgery and also had undergone grafting in both of his upper thighs came limping because his right thigh grafting had failed. Re-grafting in his thigh was not possible. I found that his right leg was ice cold, indicating very poor blood circulation. After regular Reiki session for 10 days I could feel warmth up to his right knee. Doppler test also confirmed it. Regular Reiki session for another 21 days restored proper blood circulation up to the right toe.
  • One retired chief engineer was unable to walk without the help of a cane. More over his digestion was so poor that he would carry his own sandwiches in dinner parties. After examining I found that he had some issue in his left calf muscles. He also confirmed that he was hospitalized for the calf problem 3 years earlier. During first Reiki session he felt nothing, but next day he reported that he could walk 100 feet without using any support. It took 3 weeks of regular Reiki sessions to walk normally without any support. He also started enjoying regular meals.
  • A practicing Architect is an old diabetic patient. His creatinine shot up to 3.1.Three weeks of Reiki treatment bought down the creatinine to 2.1. Suddenly one day his behavior became erratic, indicating depressive mood. I asked him whether he was heading for depression. He confirmed that his family doctor had diagnosed him for depression and had advised him to take anti-depressants. He continued with Reiki sessions for five more weeks and recovered fully without taking any anti-depression medication.
  • In April 2010 an industrialist approached me complaining about back pain. He had fallen from a height in Nov. 2006. The fracture in his back bone got fixed by medication and three months of bed rest, but the pain persisted for over 3 years. Every month he visited Apollo hospital for pain management. On Examination I felt that something was wrong around his lumber 4. After 30 minutes of Reiki session he felt great relief from pain and stress as well. Reiki treatment continued for another 20 days before he felt fit and fine.
  • In Dec. 2011 a housewife approached me with rashes all over her body. She had been on medication for over 4 months without any relief. It took 2 weeks of regular Reiki sessions to heal her.
  • In Jan. 2012 a law student approached me and said that she was unable to retain for long what she would study. After 4 regular Reiki sessions her memorizing power improved to her satisfaction and she performed well in her exams.
  • In Dec. 2012 a dentist came complaining about stomach disorder and continuous pain in her left heel. It took 18 regular Reiki sessions for her to get rid of pain in the heel. For her stomach conditions she had to continue Reiki sessions for another month.
  • In Jan. 2014. A house wife who was suffering from slip disc and pain in her left leg as well as in her back approached me for help. She had been using a belt around her back for support and ease in movement. After three weeks of regular Reiki sessions she gave up the belt except for long journeys. Her other problems require further treatment. However, due to my planned trip to USA I had to stop her treatment. I wish my USA trip could have been delayed.


  1. Hi all,

    I would like to share my experience in which Reiki helped me overcome a major hurdle in my life. I have been suffering from migraine headaches for the last 10 years at a varying frequency and varying intensities. The latest was an attack i faced in the month of March. I was suffering from intense headache for a duration of 10 days for which i was taking various medication and was in constant touch with a Reiki master who was providing Reiki to me at various times during each day. however, the pain was not diminishing and was reducing only for a duration of 2-3 hours and then again flaring up. Finally, after about 12 days, on the basis of advise from the Reiki master, i decided to opt for plucking, which gave me immediate relief. After this i had continual plucking for 3-4 days which gave me complete relief and i am migraine free since then. I thank Reiki which helped me during a very difficult time. Also i thank the Reiki master Mr. KN Agarwal who by giving me Reiki helped me to a great extent.


  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences of the healing powers of Reiki. I am a Reiki Master in Canada and have seen and personally experienced the healing with Reiki. When we become active participants in our own health and well being we vibrate at a higher energy level because we are no longer living from a place of fear. We are empowered and greater healing can occur. I encourage anyone reading this to seek out a Reiki Master and try Reiki. When you feel guided to do so consider taking the Reiki classes so you can do Reiki for yourself as well as others.


  3. In Oct 2006, I met with an accident while playing Basketball. My left knee ligament was torn and cartilage was broken and had got stuck in the knee itself, causing what is known as Locked knee resulting in excruciating pain.
    On showing to doctors, I was advised to undergo surgery for reconstruction of ligament and removal of cartilage piece stuck in the knee. Unfortunately, at that time I was involved in some important official engagements and was not in a position to make myself free for the operation. The operation date was thus fixed for 10 Dec, nearly two months away.
    At that time, I requested my Father-in-Law, Mr Kedar Nath Agarwal to give me Reiki. My office was on first floor and climbing it daily with the help of a walking stick was causing me unbearable pain. All the medical advisors told me to get the operation done immediately or else I may lose the use of my knee. However, due to official commitments, I just could not go through the operation then. The Reiki given twice a day regularly saw me through in this difficult phase of my life, wherein it provided me relief from the pain ensuring no long lasting injury and also partial redressal of the problem. All throughout the period of two months prior to my operation, I was given Psychic Reiki by the Reiki Master.
    Subsequently, I was operated upon successfully at Gangaram Hospital in Delhi by a very renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr Bhasin. The post operation recovery was in the words of the doctor miraculous. Rather He told me that he had never seen anyone being able to bend the knee after the operation in such a short time, and that also at my age which was then 47 years.
    I feel blessed for being able to reap the benefits of Reiki treatment at a very crucial juncture in my life.
    I thank Reiki for being here.
    I thank my father-in-law for being here to give me the treatment.
    I thank myself for being here to become a medium for availing the opportunity of being treated by Reiki.


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