Magic of well built affirmation

A boy suffered from all sorts of ailments including muscular dystrophy. He was about 13 years old and could not walk upright. He could only move around using his four limbs – his hands and knees. His body was crooked, twisted and crippled. His mother took him to a doctor who was well versed with diseases. The doctor’s son suffered with same disease but could not be saved. He declared that there was no chance of recovery. The lady consulted several other doctors. Every one agreed that there was no chance for a cure, though they encouraged and cheered them as best as they could. At last she asked a doctor, what he would do if he were his own son? The doctor answered that he would fight and fight for life till the last breath.
Hearing this the boy himself built up an affirmation and included all the qualities in the affirmation that he needed most. He repeated the same affirmation over and over again without making any change at all. The affirmation was ” I AM WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS AND HAPPY.” It was the last thing on his lips at night and the first thing in the morning till he could stand up straight and walk upright on his feet (Source – The Master Key System. by Charles Haanel)

I have also observed that well built affirmations, when used in conjunction with Reiki, produce miraculous results.