Seasonal changes & Reiki

During weather changes most people face health conditions like sore throat, cough & cold, even flue is common. Reiki has a lot to offer to avoid these problems. We can include eyes, ears and throat in our daily Reiki practice to avoid such seasonal attacks. This is my personal experience.
Similarly onset of rainy season is associated with intestinal infection. Treat solar plexus and intestine every morning during the rainy season to ward off bacterial infection in the intestine.


Reiki Experience

Immediately after the Reiki session or attunement the receivers express that they felt good. When they are asked to be specific about their feelings then only they would vaguely say that they felt a bit relaxed, or pain is slightly reduced or felt a bit calmer. All these things happen because Reiki appears to influence the nervous system which results into these feelings.
They would also say that they felt heat and some subtle movements in their body. Such experiences are because Reiki balances our whole system. Once in a while someone might be very specific and precise about their experience and exclaim, what a miracle!
To enjoy the lasting benefits from Reiki we have to be consistent and patient, mainly because it removes the root cause of the ailment and does not just reduce or provide relief to the symptoms. It treats our mind, body and soul as a whole. So generally I advise people to practice Reiki daily. We are our own healers and I practice Reiki daily myself. My Reiki hands are always there for my family, friends and anyone else in need.

Reiki to my rescue again!

Around 1 am in the night on 25th November 2015 I developed urinary problem and had to rush to the rest room 6 times or so within 2 to 3 minutes. Urination was painful and scanty. It was an odd hour to visit a doctor so I gave Reiki at Sacral chakra for over 30 minutes to get relief from painful and frequent urination. As expected Reiki helped me and I felt better soon after.

Why practice Reiki daily?

If we say –

R – stands for Regaining
E – stands for Empowering
I – stands for Internal
K – stands for Kinetic
I – stands for Impetus

Then it would mean that Reiki stands for regaining & empowering internal kinetic impetus in our body. This is exactly how the universal life force functions and is always needed for our body to function optimally.

Hence practice Reiki daily.