Reiki Stories

Firm Intention Turned into Faith in Reiki

Mr. Tula Ram who is 86 years old got his enlarged prostate removed. He continued to urinate very frequently. Four Reiki sessions helped him with his problem. He continued distant Reiki sessions for another 15 days to get fully cured. But I am amazed to learn that he is regularly observing the Reiki ritual for 15 minutes at the designated time without my participation. I am told that he has been helped in many other problems as well. He had pain in his knees. It is all gone. He was unable to sit with legs crossed properly. He has no problem in crossing his legs now. He feels that Reiki has helped him in maintaining his sugar level too.

It has been over a year since I gave him Reiki however, he continues taking Reiki regularly without my participation as a healer.  To me it is a case of firm intention turned into faith.


Reiki vs Medicine

Medical science is advancing in leaps and bounds.
But as a matter of fact
What is medical wonder today will be negated tomorrow.
This  now forces us to see beyond science as well.
Hence the need for alternative therapy is growing.
Today the biggest challenge is relief from stress & strain.
Reiki is in the forefront as a viable healing option.
Reiki heals our mind, body & soul as a whole.
It also helps in achieving other desired goals.
Beauty of Reiki healing lies in its simplicity.
One can heal himself as well as others.
The other person may be physically present or staying at a distance.


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