Case Study

Reiki treatment alongside modern medicine for treating Dengue Fever

On 25th October 2017 Mr. Arun Tomar called me to know if Reiki could help Arpan Singh a young boy who was suffering from dengue fever and had gone into coma after sudden convulsions. The doctors at the nursing home in Meerut where Arpan was being treated had advised to seek better medical facilities in Delhi. At Max hospital in Saket, New Delhi Arpan was put on ventilator in ICU.

I requested Mr. Tomar to send me a photo of the boy. I received the photo of the patient at 12:02 pm and gave distant Reiki to Arpan. Later that day around 6:00 pm when I called to enquire about the boy’s condition the patient’s attendant said “Sir currently condition is stable. No improvement but at the same time no deterioration either and that the doctor are trying to control his BP and heart beats”. I gave Reiki right after the call

October 26, 2017 the update was “Sir the blood pressure is fluctuating and not coming under control”, Right after the call at 12:15 pm I gave Reiki. At 4:52 pm I called to enquire about the patient’s condition. Mr. Tomar said “He is in the same condition and the BP is still not stable”. At 5:10 pm I again gave Reiki.

October 27, 2017 the report was “Sir looks like there is some improvement as BP is slightly coming under control” At 10:54 am I again gave Reiki.

October 28, 2017 the attendant of the patient called and said “The child is much better now and the BP is settled now. Doctor is planning to remove ventilator tomorrow.  Afterwards doctor will do the MRI to check status of brain. Thanks for your help sir”. Since it was a Saturday I advised him to offer prayers to Lord Shanidev and right after the phone call at 4:55 pm I again gave Reiki.

The same day at 8:25 pm the report was “Arpan is doing fine without the ventilator now and that he had a brief chat with his mother as well”. After the call I thanked Reiki and again gave distant Reiki to the patient. At 10:03 pm I called and wished him speedy recovery.

October 29, 2017 I requested to get a copy of the MRI reports. I also gave Reiki.

October 30, 2017 the update was “The child is progressing, but the lungs are still weak, so he is still on oxygen and the doctors have prescribed some exercises and they say if Arpan does those exercises every two hours they might be able to take him off the oxygen support and he will still be given IV antibiotics”. Later that day I was told ” Doctors, have now decided not to do any test like MRI and LP. Arpan is good, talking many things and eating fruits and Maggie (instant noodles), milk, dalya (porridge) vagera (etc)”. I told him that eating Maggie is undesirable. I then thanked God and thanked Reiki too. I also told attendant to call me when necessary. He responded with “Thanks a lot sir, wish you good health”. After the conversation I again gave Reiki to Arpan.
October 31, 2017 at 1:45 pm the update was ” He is improving but requires oxygen support doctors giving him IV antibiotics” I gave Reiki again to Arpan.

Nov 1, 2017 at 6:45 am the update was “Oxygen support has been removed, doing breathing exercises. The Doctors are planning to shift Arpan to a room from ICU. Thanks “. I gave Reiki again and continued Reiki every day.

Nov 6, 2017 at 10:40 pm the report was “Uncle, Arpan is fine now. He was discharged from hospital yesterday.  Thank you very much for your support”. l again thanked God and Reiki as well. Ok was my reply. The best you can do is read my Reiki blog.

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