Medicine VS Reiki

Conventional medical system analyses disease in terms of molecular changes in a patient. It uses drugs aimed at counteracting these changes to alleviate the physical symptoms. These drugs are either concentrates of certain extracts or synthetic formulations. They have their own side effects too. Side effects may vary from person to person, may be due to different constitutions. It may also vary from time to time in the same person depending on physical, mental or emotional conditions of the person at the time when the medicine is administered.

Reiki boosts the internal energy of the patient to alleviate the physical symptoms. Since nothing is administered from outside so there cannot be any side effects. Moreover it is said that Reiki has its own intelligence.  It reaches wherever it is needed most and replenishes the deficiency.



Reiki is Nature

A woman approached me for Reiki. She couldn’t hold down any food as she was vomiting anything she ate. When I started distant Reiki I felt no energy flow through my hands for several minutes. This was the first time that I experienced the blockage in energy flow. After pondering over the situation I advised her to consult a gynecologist. Reluctantly she complied and to her surprise she found out that she was pregnant. Conclusion: ‘REIKI IS NATURE’ – It can’t go against itself.

Another example of Reiki being in sync with nature: A gentleman requested me to give Reiki to his ailing father as he was having severe asthma attacks. I started giving Reiki but failed to ind any Reiki energy flow from my hands for a long time. I called the patient’s son and asked him to rush his father to the hospital. Sadly the patient could not get to the doctor in time and collapsed in the doctor’s waiting room. Proof again that ‘REIKI IS NATURE ‘ – It can’t go against itself.