Emotional Healing Through Reiki

Reiki also helps in improving relations and removing discord between good old friends by treating the Third Eye chakra (seat of intuition), Solar plexus (seat of subconscious mind) and Heart chakra (seat of passion) of both the persons simultaneously.

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Stress, Chronic diseases and Reiki

Every one of us is facing stress daily. The reason may be personal or social. If this stress is not addressed in time it may cause uneasiness initially and later on may pose a greater threat to life. In fact, STRESS is one of the root causes for almost all the deadliest diseases, (like CAD, Stroke, Diabetes, TB etc.). Meditation and Yoga are well entrenched practices for stress relieving. The biggest leap for Yoga is its recognition by the world body – UNO.
Reiki is also gaining momentum because of the fact that it has no side effects and every one feels highly relaxed immediately after each Reiki session. More over the biggest advantage of Reiki is that it can be used for SELF as well as for the well being of OTHERS, whereas Meditation  and Yoga helps  those individuals only who practice them.

Stress and Reiki

Every one of us faces stress daily. It has become the biggest disease.

Stress can be due to personal, social or work related issues it can also be due to physical, emotional or mental issues. Personal problems may be due to health, emotional issues, relationships, any life changes, family related problems, conflicts with your beliefs and values and what not? Social problems may be due to surroundings, workplace and or related to employment. Traumatic stress may be due to physical violence, accident, or natural disaster etc. Manifestation of stress may initially be simple headache, body pain or mere tiredness. Generally people resort to galloping pain killers. They are ignorant of their harmful effects.  They do so because they are readily available and work as quick fix. Stress, if not addressed timely, may cause irreparable damages physically and or mentally.

Reiki is one of the best options for relieving mental and physical stress irrespective of the cause. In all such cases Reiki can provide relief without any side effects. What are needed most are patience, firm intention and burning desire to fight stress. Reiki treatment needs time and patience. We have all the time in the world for gossiping, chatting and arguing and not for our own precious body. What a pity? I wonder if stress will soon take the place of the most dreaded disease if not addressed in time