Operation of livinig organism

When a living being is attacked by a disease, he develops a variety of symptoms. To cure the person different medicines are administered. Treatment by these chemicals bring about changes in the human chemistry. These changes appear to have cured the person.  In fact, it is not so. It is observed that only the symptoms have disappeared due to the effects of electromagnetic energies of those medicines.

It is believed that operation of living organism follows a particular sequence as under:-

Living being  ->  attacked by disease  ->  disease affects body structure  ->  treated by medicine  ->  The chemical corrections  changes body chemistry   ->  resulting into electromagnetic energies as a cure (both positive and negative energies)

Dr. William A. Tiller a professor at Stanford in department of Material Science propounded that operation of living organism should be expanded beyond human body. According to him positive energy is the physical body surrounded by negative energy that is the etheric body, followed by other bodies like Mental body, Spiritual body, right up to the Devine body. These different bodies are also called aura which surround our physical body. According to Dr. Tiller, the healing is complete only when all levels have been addressed fully.

Reiki being a holistic treatment, when a person is subjected to Reiki treatment, even as an adjunct to chemical treatment, the body gets fully cured at the all the above mentioned levels



Reiki is a Japanese word which means Universal Life Force. Every individual is also part of this Universe. So, to understand what the universe is we have to first find out who we are, where we have come from and  where do we ultimately end up?  To know who we are we have to look within and not look for answers outside. Mr. Thomas J. Chalko In his famous book The Freedom of Choice says “Whoever knows everything, but lacks Within lacks EVERYTHING“.

So, to understand Reiki correctly and enjoy its benefits fully we have to search within and not go by the words what others are advocating.

Reiki Experience

Immediately after the Reiki session or attunement the receivers express that they felt good. When they are asked to be specific about their feelings then only they would vaguely say that they felt a bit relaxed, or pain is slightly reduced or felt a bit calmer. All these things happen because Reiki appears to influence the nervous system which results into these feelings.
They would also say that they felt heat and some subtle movements in their body. Such experiences are because Reiki balances our whole system. Once in a while someone might be very specific and precise about their experience and exclaim, what a miracle!
To enjoy the lasting benefits from Reiki we have to be consistent and patient, mainly because it removes the root cause of the ailment and does not just reduce or provide relief to the symptoms. It treats our mind, body and soul as a whole. So generally I advise people to practice Reiki daily. We are our own healers and I practice Reiki daily myself. My Reiki hands are always there for my family, friends and anyone else in need.

Stress, Chronic diseases and Reiki

Every one of us is facing stress daily. The reason may be personal or social. If this stress is not addressed in time it may cause uneasiness initially and later on may pose a greater threat to life. In fact, STRESS is one of the root causes for almost all the deadliest diseases, (like CAD, Stroke, Diabetes, TB etc.). Meditation and Yoga are well entrenched practices for stress relieving. The biggest leap for Yoga is its recognition by the world body – UNO.
Reiki is also gaining momentum because of the fact that it has no side effects and every one feels highly relaxed immediately after each Reiki session. More over the biggest advantage of Reiki is that it can be used for SELF as well as for the well being of OTHERS, whereas Meditation  and Yoga helps  those individuals only who practice them.

Reiki Everyday.

The biggest truth is that today none of us has time for ourselves. We all are too busy running after our materialistic goals and forget that our body needs care and nurturing. Have a heart, and spend some time to look after yourself as well.

Havayo Takata, the earliest Reiki teacher who spread Reiki far and wide stressed again & again, TREAT YOURSELF FIRST. She herself would spend quite some time daily in doing Reiki on herself. This kept her energy level to the brim. My personal experience also shows that doing Reiki daily helps me in many ways, such as:
● Doing Reiki in the morning keeps my body energy high all day long.
● It keeps common infections at bay.
● By and large aging of the body tissues appear to get delayed.
● Helps to maintain better hearing power and good eye sight.
● Vital functions of the body are maintained better.
● Helps to maintain very good memory.
● It has relieved my knee pain a lot that appeared long back.
● I feel many ailments are cured before they manifest.
● Of course physical and mental stresses are relieved on daily basis.
● It ensures better sleep, if I do Reiki before going to bed.