Doctors and Reiki Practioners

Whenever you visit a doctor with some conditions or apprehensions the doctor will prescribe some medicines to treat the symptoms. Those medicines will only help in curing the symptoms. Most of the times the symptoms vanish but the deep rooted causes continue to remain. This system of medicine is well established and accepted the world over.

In case you visit a Reiki practitioner he will softly place his hands over your body parts wherever he feels fit, not necessarily at the place you are feeling hurt. You are likely to feel some heat or sensation like tingling in the area where you are being touched. At times you might find that the body pain has immediately vanished or reduced to a great extent. If the Reiki session is a prolonged one you may even fall asleep. If that is the case, your system has shifted gear and the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) takes over. This means that the body has entered into a state known as a state of rest, digest and rebuild or state of self healing. This all happens because of the balancing effect of the Reiki. Nothing is administered from outside so there are no side effects unlike popular medicine.


Operation of livinig organism

When a living being is attacked by a disease, he develops a variety of symptoms. To cure the person different medicines are administered. Treatment by these chemicals bring about changes in the human chemistry. These changes appear to have cured the person.  In fact, it is not so. It is observed that only the symptoms have disappeared due to the effects of electromagnetic energies of those medicines.

It is believed that operation of living organism follows a particular sequence as under:-

Living being  ->  attacked by disease  ->  disease affects body structure  ->  treated by medicine  ->  The chemical corrections  changes body chemistry   ->  resulting into electromagnetic energies as a cure (both positive and negative energies)

Dr. William A. Tiller a professor at Stanford in department of Material Science propounded that operation of living organism should be expanded beyond human body. According to him positive energy is the physical body surrounded by negative energy that is the etheric body, followed by other bodies like Mental body, Spiritual body, right up to the Devine body. These different bodies are also called aura which surround our physical body. According to Dr. Tiller, the healing is complete only when all levels have been addressed fully.

Reiki being a holistic treatment, when a person is subjected to Reiki treatment, even as an adjunct to chemical treatment, the body gets fully cured at the all the above mentioned levels

Emotional Healing Through Reiki

Reiki also helps in improving relations and removing discord between good old friends by treating the Third Eye chakra (seat of intuition), Solar plexus (seat of subconscious mind) and Heart chakra (seat of passion) of both the persons simultaneously.

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Why treat the Solar plexus first

Solar plexus is the central part of our body and acts like the sun that radiates light and warmth all around. When the solar plexus is active it radiates life energy and vitality to every part of the body and also radiates it into the atmosphere around us. Solar plexus is said to be the seat of our subconscious mind which keeps working day and night. Almost entire body energy requirements are generated in the solar plexus and it is continuously distributed throughout the body. Due to regular flow of this vital energy our body remains energetic, fit and fine. However, when this flow is interrupted or restricted we fall sick. This sickness may appear as physical or mental or environmental.

– Sickness is physical when energy generation in the body is insufficient.
– It is mental when subconscious mind stops supporting our thoughts.
– It becomes environmental when connection between subconscious mind and the conscious mind is interrupted.

Blockages are removed and energy balance is restored through sympathetic nervous system. So when we treat the solar plexus with Reiki first we ensure that the generation of energy is optimal and also that the flow of energy through our body is uninterrupted. It helps in restoring the desired energy balance of our body for better physical health, mental health and environmental conditions.

Magic of well built affirmation

A boy suffered from all sorts of ailments including muscular dystrophy. He was about 13 years old and could not walk upright. He could only move around using his four limbs – his hands and knees. His body was crooked, twisted and crippled. His mother took him to a doctor who was well versed with diseases. The doctor’s son suffered with same disease but could not be saved. He declared that there was no chance of recovery. The lady consulted several other doctors. Every one agreed that there was no chance for a cure, though they encouraged and cheered them as best as they could. At last she asked a doctor, what he would do if he were his own son? The doctor answered that he would fight and fight for life till the last breath.
Hearing this the boy himself built up an affirmation and included all the qualities in the affirmation that he needed most. He repeated the same affirmation over and over again without making any change at all. The affirmation was ” I AM WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS AND HAPPY.” It was the last thing on his lips at night and the first thing in the morning till he could stand up straight and walk upright on his feet (Source – The Master Key System. by Charles Haanel)

I have also observed that well built affirmations, when used in conjunction with Reiki, produce miraculous results.


Reiki is not a Religion

Many a times people keep telling me belief or faith is a must before they take a Reiki session for treatment. However, primary requirement for Reiki healing is INTENTION not faith or belief on the part of both, the healer as well as the healee. Faith, or belief, as I look at, is concerned with religion. Intention on the other hand is just the objective or aim on part of the healer to cure the ailment of the healee and on part of the healee to be cured of the ailment. Time and time again I try to explain to them the difference between intention and faith or belief but every time I find that their minds are clouded, maybe because we are deeply conditioned that way. People who relate Reiki with religion fail to enjoy the wonderful fruits of Reiki and sometimes keep going round and round, many a times till they reach the dead end of the road.