Stress, Relaxation and Reiki

Feel good is generally reported after the Reiki attunement as well as after every Reiki treatment. Present lifestyle keeps our body in stress and strain. The Reiki touch has balancing and harmonizing effects on our body. Every cell, every tissue and every body part enjoys the relaxation caused by Reiki flow no matter where we are touching our body during Reiki practice.

Feeling good is actually the beginning of healing. Healing continues throughout the Reiki treatment and thereafter too. It has a calming effect on most people. Some do not feel anything right after the treatment but that does not mean that it is all a waste because the Reiki does its work and benefits the Reiki recipient none the less.


Hormones and Chakaras

The endocrine glands in our body produce hormones. These hormones play important role in regulating the metabolism in our body. There are many interactions between these hormones themselves. Disturbance in the equilibrium of any of these hormones influences the activities of the others too. Balance between them is essential for proper functioning of our body.
Main chakras in our body are also located very close to these endocrine glands. REIKI energy activating these chakras influence endocrine glands also. By balancing chakras we are actually creating a balance between hormones, thereby producing healthy and stress free atmosphere in the body.