Stress, Relaxation and Reiki

Feel good is generally reported after the Reiki attunement as well as after every Reiki treatment. Present lifestyle keeps our body in stress and strain. The Reiki touch has balancing and harmonizing effects on our body. Every cell, every tissue and every body part enjoys the relaxation caused by Reiki flow no matter where we are touching our body during Reiki practice.

Feeling good is actually the beginning of healing. Healing continues throughout the Reiki treatment and thereafter too. It has a calming effect on most people. Some do not feel anything right after the treatment but that does not mean that it is all a waste because the Reiki does its work and benefits the Reiki recipient none the less.


Why treat the Solar plexus first

Solar plexus is the central part of our body and acts like the sun that radiates light and warmth all around. When the solar plexus is active it radiates life energy and vitality to every part of the body and also radiates it into the atmosphere around us. Solar plexus is said to be the seat of our subconscious mind which keeps working day and night. Almost entire body energy requirements are generated in the solar plexus and it is continuously distributed throughout the body. Due to regular flow of this vital energy our body remains energetic, fit and fine. However, when this flow is interrupted or restricted we fall sick. This sickness may appear as physical or mental or environmental.

– Sickness is physical when energy generation in the body is insufficient.
– It is mental when subconscious mind stops supporting our thoughts.
– It becomes environmental when connection between subconscious mind and the conscious mind is interrupted.

Blockages are removed and energy balance is restored through sympathetic nervous system. So when we treat the solar plexus with Reiki first we ensure that the generation of energy is optimal and also that the flow of energy through our body is uninterrupted. It helps in restoring the desired energy balance of our body for better physical health, mental health and environmental conditions.

Reiki does not go against nature

My wife Mrs.Lalit Prabha Agarwal was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2002.  She was operated and given full radio therapy course. One dose of chemotherapy was also administered. The blood platelets count went down so much that further doses of chemotherapy could not be continued.  She continued taking Tamoxifen 20mg every day for six years.
In 2009 she again developed a lump in one of the nodes. The lump was removed. On testing it was found to be malignant. This time full course of chemotherapy was administered. After the treatment she regained her strength and enjoyed normal life and visited USA. She stayed in USA from May till October 2014.
In February 2015 she felt some breathing problems. PAT test revealed that she had malignancy in lungs, lever and back bone. Chemotherapy was immediately started. Everything was going in the right direction. On July 9th ultrasound results revealed improvement in the lever condition. Unfortunately soon after she contracted lung infection. On July 11th some test confirmed that it was fungal infection.
Mr. Ramesh Chand Gupta, a Reiki Master, was regularly giving her distant Reiki from Canada, right from February 2015. On the evening of 17th July Mr. Gupta gave me a call and said that he was not feeling any energy flow from his hands. Sadly it was the time when my wife was breathing her last.

Reiki is Nature

A woman approached me for Reiki. She couldn’t hold down any food as she was vomiting anything she ate. When I started distant Reiki I felt no energy flow through my hands for several minutes. This was the first time that I experienced the blockage in energy flow. After pondering over the situation I advised her to consult a gynecologist. Reluctantly she complied and to her surprise she found out that she was pregnant. Conclusion: ‘REIKI IS NATURE’ – It can’t go against itself.

Another example of Reiki being in sync with nature: A gentleman requested me to give Reiki to his ailing father as he was having severe asthma attacks. I started giving Reiki but failed to ind any Reiki energy flow from my hands for a long time. I called the patient’s son and asked him to rush his father to the hospital. Sadly the patient could not get to the doctor in time and collapsed in the doctor’s waiting room. Proof again that ‘REIKI IS NATURE ‘ – It can’t go against itself.