Reiki does not go against nature

My wife Mrs.Lalit Prabha Agarwal was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2002.  She was operated and given full radio therapy course. One dose of chemotherapy was also administered. The blood platelets count went down so much that further doses of chemotherapy could not be continued.  She continued taking Tamoxifen 20mg every day for six years.
In 2009 she again developed a lump in one of the nodes. The lump was removed. On testing it was found to be malignant. This time full course of chemotherapy was administered. After the treatment she regained her strength and enjoyed normal life and visited USA. She stayed in USA from May till October 2014.
In February 2015 she felt some breathing problems. PAT test revealed that she had malignancy in lungs, lever and back bone. Chemotherapy was immediately started. Everything was going in the right direction. On July 9th ultrasound results revealed improvement in the lever condition. Unfortunately soon after she contracted lung infection. On July 11th some test confirmed that it was fungal infection.
Mr. Ramesh Chand Gupta, a Reiki Master, was regularly giving her distant Reiki from Canada, right from February 2015. On the evening of 17th July Mr. Gupta gave me a call and said that he was not feeling any energy flow from his hands. Sadly it was the time when my wife was breathing her last.



  1. I was witness to what my father has put so precisely in words.
    I was amazed when my mother in semi-conscious state, a day prior to her final journey, asked me to call dad for Reiki as she was in unbearable pain. My mom was a second degree channel herself.On seeing her in suffering my father decided to attune her to third degree Reiki and prayed that Reiki should stay with her till her end.
    To my amazement, my mom relaxed and she did not complain of pain after that. we could see her in a very peaceful state after that. I remember my mom asked for water couple of times after this but she was really at peace.
    I saw the powerful Reiki at work that day and will never forget the experience.


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