Reiki Everyday.

The biggest truth is that today none of us has time for ourselves. We all are too busy running after our materialistic goals and forget that our body needs care and nurturing. Have a heart, and spend some time to look after yourself as well.

Havayo Takata, the earliest Reiki teacher who spread Reiki far and wide stressed again & again, TREAT YOURSELF FIRST. She herself would spend quite some time daily in doing Reiki on herself. This kept her energy level to the brim. My personal experience also shows that doing Reiki daily helps me in many ways, such as:
● Doing Reiki in the morning keeps my body energy high all day long.
● It keeps common infections at bay.
● By and large aging of the body tissues appear to get delayed.
● Helps to maintain better hearing power and good eye sight.
● Vital functions of the body are maintained better.
● Helps to maintain very good memory.
● It has relieved my knee pain a lot that appeared long back.
● I feel many ailments are cured before they manifest.
● Of course physical and mental stresses are relieved on daily basis.
● It ensures better sleep, if I do Reiki before going to bed.


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