Misconceptions & Reiki (vaham in hindi)

No medical science has ever invented any cure for diseases caused by negative thoughts (vaham in hindi), false notions or misconceptions. There is a popular saying ‘Even Lukman Hakeem (a famous Unani doctor) did not have a cure for false notions or misconceptions (vaham in hindi).

Negative thoughts keep haunting us every day even though we do not want them at all. Everyone knows that these thoughts have no basis yet we fail to ward them off. They keep worrying us for nothing. To get rid of these whims, I wish medical science had a suitable treatment other than sleeping pills. Everyone is aware of the bad effects of these pills. At times we are forced to take a pill or two to snatch few moments of sleep and feel relaxed. At what cost? Have we ever thought of it?

REIKI, on the other hand, can immediately help us in warding off these thoughts by diverting our attention and activating our internal energy centers to produce suitable hormones which help us in relaxing. Give a thought to it. Keep patience and enjoy the wonderful benefits of Reiki, a non invasive therapy with no side effects.


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