Reiki is not a Religion

Many a times people keep telling me belief or faith is a must before they take a Reiki session for treatment. However, primary requirement for Reiki healing is INTENTION not faith or belief on the part of both, the healer as well as the healee. Faith, or belief, as I look at, is concerned with religion. Intention on the other hand is just the objective or aim on part of the healer to cure the ailment of the healee and on part of the healee to be cured of the ailment. Time and time again I try to explain to them the difference between intention and faith or belief but every time I find that their minds are clouded, maybe because we are deeply conditioned that way. People who relate Reiki with religion fail to enjoy the wonderful fruits of Reiki and sometimes keep going round and round, many a times till they reach the dead end of the road.


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