Terminally ill patients & Reiki

When a doctor becomes clueless about the prognosis of a patient and feels that he has done everything that medical science has to offer and that the patient has reached the dead end of the road at this juncture should he or should he not give a fair trial to alternative therapy like REIKI?
In my opinion the patient must immediately seek the help of Reiki healer. In Reiki treatment nothing is administered from outside, so no harm can be expected. The situation is win-win and no loss.

What is needed is:
1.  Reiki healer has to give Reiki in good faith and with firm intention.
2.  The patient must also receive Reiki with firm intention and surrender in good faith.



  1. I have had some wonderful interaction with a world renowned osteopath, and allied discipline to orthopedics, it changed my perspective of looking at science, will share with you in detail mausaji, nonetheless let me share one thing here, it was miraculous!!


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