Reiki vs Medicine

Medical science is advancing in leaps and bounds.
But as a matter of fact
What is medical wonder today will be negated tomorrow.
This  now forces us to see beyond science as well.
Hence the need for alternative therapy is growing.
Today the biggest challenge is relief from stress & strain.
Reiki is in the forefront as a viable healing option.
Reiki heals our mind, body & soul as a whole.
It also helps in achieving other desired goals.
Beauty of Reiki healing lies in its simplicity.
One can heal himself as well as others.
The other person may be physically present or staying at a distance.



  1. I am intrigued with your understanding of the science of medicine and healing. For the last 2 decades leading and practising my therapy, I could reach to just one conclusion that being, ‘ faith is the biggest healer’, and mausaji you seem to carry it forward from here! Pranic healing and any other form of alternative therapy , to me, helps because it envisages some form of meditation and looking into your inner self.In today’s world we don’t have the time to think about ourselves, the moment we can pause and give our body a little thought, things do take shape for a better and healthier life. Keep up the good work mausaji!


    • Dear Anuj,
      Thank you very much for your comments. Reiki requires intent of the receiver and faith follows the results. Generally faith points to religious beliefs & Reiki is not a religion. Reiki dose not require meditation either it follows the intention of the Reiki healer. No pills therapy of course needs time, both from healer as well as healee.

      With best wishes


  2. What I have experienced in Reiki with Kedar uncle is ……I got injured while my bike mistakenly came between two bulls fighting and they ran over my knees and considerable injury in tissue lost and wounds took place and miraculously escaped any bone injury. Uncle suggested me to take Reiki along with regular treatment i was taking and he ran over his palm with slight distance ie 1-2 mm on my knees to ankles.

    This process continued for 3-4 days and i got a faster relief than i might take upto 7-10 days in general…and today i am also researcher on alternate methodologies 😉


  3. I took Kedar Nath Agarwal’s Reiki 1 workshop in September. I really enjoyed the workshop and learned many things from him. After the workshop I did the practice sessions and these are the changes that started to happen with me. I became more relaxed in my everyday life. I could focus on what I was doing and enjoy the moment. There were certain physical issues I was having that have about 90 percent improved. This includes physical pain that I was having. I also has helped me to sleep better. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I my mind will wander and I cannot get back to sleep and if I do the reiki I can get back to sleep. I also feel more rested in the morning and not as many aches in my muscles.
    I found that I cannot think to much about it when I am doing the practice. I just DO IT! I try not to think how is this working? I just think this WILL WORK, and this is what I want it to do and it works! I highly recommend that everyone should take Kedar Nath Agarwal’s workshop and it will help them live a better life.

    Selena NIeto


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